Game Rules

  1. We will be using Pathfinder rules.

  2. We will be using the Core Rulebook rules only. You don't have to buy it. They have all the rules online. I know there's a good free android app as well, I'm not sure about for apple.

  3. Character generation is via  4D6, drop lowest x 6. If you don't know what that means, that's OK! I will help you do it.

  4. Core classes not allowed: Barbarian (see me if you really want to play one. It would have to be re-flavored. Maybe you're a barroom brawler. Maybe you got kicked out of the militia for being hot-headed. Just not a dude from the wilderness.)

  5. Core races not allowed: Half-orc

  6. Clerics may worship Lawful or Good gods from the Pathfinder Core Deities Pantheon. Chaotic gods are viewed with suspicion. True N are frowned upon and shunned. Evil gods are outlawed.

  7. Each mission ends at the end of the session. The characters will end up back in town, one way or another. Usually, the players will use a Stone of Returning.

  8. Groups can be of mixed levels.

  9. When I post a game date, the first (up to) 6 who sign up are playing. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have to cancel. Someone else might want your spot!

  10. If you are interested in being on-call in case a spot opens up for a given session, let me know.

  11. New team configurations will result in a team bonus for that session.

  12. Session reports/info sharing/map updates will result in a player bonus.

  13. Tone: I run my games with a level of 'taking it seriously' – there's moments for comedy in-game, but this isn't a comedy podcast. Have fun being ADVENTURERS!

  14. I don't have a no-phones policy, or a no-technology policy, or anything like that. We are adults. However, I ask that you please pay attention and be ready on your turn without needing a full recap every time. Your teammates will appreciate it, and I will appreciate it.

Game Rules

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