Formerly known as Zephyr.

Important Locales in the City

The Blue Medusa Tavern
Proprietors: Posh With-Bibbet and Eliza With-Bibbet

The Bronzed Stoneplate, Armorer
Proprietor: Yuralsia Bronzeleg

The Sharpening Mechanism, Weaponsmith
Proprietor: Nimelmor Nick

Nooks and Craggies, General Supplies
Proprietor: Wilda Craggen

The Evil Eye, Potions and Minor Magical Items
Proprietor: Largo Wiseman

The Arcane Codex, Library and Scrolls
Proprietor: Yanos Fazumin

The Monastery of Irori:
Head Monk: Udara Okan

The Fellowship of the Wand and Sword, Adventurers Guild
Founder: Ashryn Vircaryn


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